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We have long-term experience with both private and business clients. Existing customers highly value our personal approach and consideration of wishes and needs. We are not here just to sell you lighting fixtures. In lighting solutions, we perform light accounting, visit objects, take into account your interior design and all special wishes – all so that you can create a better environment for yourself with the help of light.

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How to achieve ideal lighting solutions?

When creating the perfect lighting solution, it is good to remember and include different nuances. A good lighting solution can be achieved easily if you have previously thought through the various details of your room. Just as every person is different, so is every room and its purpose. When creating a suitable lighting solution, it is good to keep in mind the following details:

  • What is the purpose of the room?
  • How high is the ceiling?
  • Is the room meant for activity or relaxation?
  • What tones and materials dominate your room?
  • Who uses the space?
What does a personal lighting solution consist of?

When creating a personal lighting solution, we always start with the needs of each person and space. After making an inquiry, we always start with a meeting or a telephone conversation, where we ask questions to get the essential information. If desired, the interview will be followed by a visit to the object, where we can find out more about the peculiarities of the room - what is the interior design, how much natural light comes into the room, what materials have been used and what the actual needs of the room are.

Do you also implement special solutions?

Yes! Since we manufacture most of our luminaires ourselves, we have already implemented a number of special solutions and designs for our business and private clients. We involve the customer in such solutions for every detail. In terms of solutions, we are open to different wishes and thoughts.

Do you also perform installation services?

Yes! The price and time of the installation depends on several different factors - how much alteration work needs to be done, how much additional material is needed and where is the object of the installation located? We perform installations mainly on weekdays during working hours, and the price is determined by the cost of the material rather than time. If necessary and by special agreement for larger objects, we have also performed installations outside working hours.

Do you also offer a simple consultation service?

Yes, if the client wants to get advice and help in designing their premises, then we can help you with that. The consultation is free if our products are used in the project.. If you wish to have only consultation without a purchase, the fee for the consultation starts from 25 €.

Our clients
  • Heinar Põldma

    Papalamp OÜ has been a good partner of Põldma Kaubandus AS (Denim Dream) since 2016. ForteLED products illuminate all Denim Dream stores throughout the Baltics.

  • Nele

    I am extremely grateful for the quick feedback on the conversation.
    When furnishing a home for the first time, there have been recommendations to which you have not been able to pay attention.
    I will definitely continue with the choices from the Forteled office.

  • Ailiki

    Hello! It was nice working with you. We are satisfied with the lamps. At that time, some of the products that were seen in the ads were not available, but the solution was still very good.

  • Hanno

    Everything was good – service, products and a lot of thinking always helped.

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Are you planning a new lighting solution for a retail space or home? Contact our specialists and feel free to ask for advice.