In our selection you will find 1-phase, 3-phase and magnetic tracks. All tracks have different purposes, making them verstile option in  any type of room.

1-phase tracks are ideal in spaces with ceilings up to 3m. 1-phase tracks are easy to install and use, making them perfect in home enviormets. Using only one power connector, all tracks can be extended as needed. Tracks will provide with lighting solution, without having to invest in costly electrical renovations, saving you time and money. 1-phase tracks are recommended to use on ceilings, they can be either surface mounted or hunged down with suspencion kits to desired height.

3-phase tracks are ideal in spaces with ceiling above 3m, making them ideal in commercial spaces, museums, restaurants etc. 3-phase tracks have high operability and are tested in spaces, where they can easily be used over 16h a day. Having multible different extension pieces with power connectors, tracks and lights can be directed and used where needed. 3-phase tracks are also ideal in spces where interior changes often. 3-phase tracks are ment to use with our 3-phase tracklights. #-phase tracks can be surface mounted or hunged down with suspencion kits to desired height.

Magnetic tracks are innovative lighting solution using low volatge (48V). Thanks to low voltage magnetic tracks are safe to use also on walls, providing multiple new and exiciting lighting solutions.  They can be surface mounted, resessed or hung down. In our magnetic track selection you will find 4 different types of tracks, giving you wide selection of different possibilities.