LED luminaires for commercial and industrial use

Our LED luminaires are ideal for displaying products and exhibits and creating a light-filled environment in shops, museums, galleries, showrooms, salons, hotels, offices, warehouses, industrial premises, etc.

High-quality LED technology ensures long life and low energy consumption. The luminaires offered have a color temperature in the range of 2500-6000 K. The aluminum housing of the luminaires is coated with heat-resistant powder paint, which ensures their durability. In our selection of LED luminaires you will find rail, recessed, surface, panel, tube, linear, industrial luminaires, etc.

If you are not sure what kind of lighting you want, write the purpose and area of the room in the query. We will help you find the best lighting solution. For more information, visit our website, see Useful information. There you will find technical information as well as tips and ideas about track luminaires, rails, their installation and layout.